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Chris Miller
Solo entertainer from these Carnival Cruise Ships:
Valor, Glory, Ecstasy, Spirit, Sensation, Miracle and Liberty

Sydney Harbor Bridge
Upcoming shows at Lola's Lake House, Cadillac Ranch, Rudy's Redeye Grill,
Lucky's 13 Pub and Froggy Bottoms.

Lyrics that will make you cry, a voice that will make you sing and guitar that will make you dance. Throw in a healthy dose of off the cuff wit and you've got a Chris Miller show. Over twenty-five years of guitar experience, including work toward a BS in Classical Guitar, make him a bit of an exception to the standard singer/songwriter model. He is equally comfortable as a vocalist and a lead guitar player.

For the last three years Chris has honed his skills performing six shows per week on luxury cruise liners while traveling the globe. Every cruise brought thousands of new faces and several new ports of call from Australia to Alaska and all over the Caribbean. With ages ranging from children to retirees and venues from the luxurious main lobby to wild parties on the open deck, his show and song list have grown tremendously.

Miller had originaly honed his skills as a professionsl solo act through nearly a decade slugging it out in the Iowa music scene, performing everywhere from casinos and sports bars to presidential political rallys, coffee houses and even the Iowa State Fair. 

He has released five independent albums and racked up a huge cover song list that ranges from Johnny Cash to AC/DC and Adelle. Miller jokingly quips, "I clearly have OCD but in this case it works to my benefit." His original songs are deeply, sometimes painfully honest. "I understand more but now want to feel less. Joy rules my head but my heart is a mess," from Falling Through Life, awarded Honorable Mention in Billboard World Song Contest 2009.


If you are able to help in any way I greatly appreciate it. I am going to do everything in my power to begin touring and get out of the local bar scene but gas is very expensive and I'm not likely to make nearly as much money on the road at first.